Buying New Tires – Buy Used or Take-off Tires?

Surprisingly, even good quality performance tires are not “good enough” for some people. We often hear of cases in which great tires on a brand new vehicle are removed and replaced with a more expensive set of ultra-high performance tires. These tires make a great bargain – also consider Used, Exchanged, or “Take-off” wheels (wheels that were taken off along with nearly new tires) as economical quality alternatives to new tires or new wheels. If a tire has been ridden at all it is classified as a Used or a “Take-off” Tire. Both are good choices to buy; here are the differences.

Take-off Tires must have been driven less than 5,000 miles. These tires have almost all of their tread (even the high-performance or ultra-high performance tires). The usual way in which a tire dealer gets Take-off tires is when someone purchases a new vehicle and wants to upgrade the tires or the tires and wheels.

Used Tires have been driven for more than 5,000 miles, but still have substantial tread left. The amount of tread left should be reflected in the price and warranty you will get.

If you are in the market for Winter tires (also referred to as Snow tires), consider getting a set of Used Winter Tires or Take-off Winter Tires, instead of new Winter tires.

Because Used Tires and, in particular, Take-off tires are usually in limited supply, you should check websites of various tire dealers or wheel dealers for availability. Contact dealers by phone or email to see if they will put you on a waiting list - this will help you get the size and type you want.

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