Tire or Wheel Problems – Can a Warped Wheel Be Fixed?

Wheels can be bent fairly easily – driving over a rock or pipe, or a curb. Depending on your wheel’s material, it can be knocked out of “true” (roundness) easily.

Should your wheel become bent, even a little bit, it will cause vibrations that are dangerous because they can adversely impact your ability to handle the car and will most likely wear out the tire that’s on it faster than the other tires. If you don’t get the wheel fixed or replaced quickly, you may find yourself buying one or more tires to go along with your new wheel (click here to learn why).

How to get a Wheel Repaired - Most tire dealers or custom wheel dealers can quickly tell you if your wheel can be fixed. If it can, it is usually a less expensive alternative to replacing the wheel. If you have a special finish on your wheel, you may find that the wheel also has to be refinished.

Many wheel repair companies claim they can fix nearly any wheel damage – and that is probably correct for many cases. On-line dealers may offer wheel swaps (or wheel exchanges) which greatly speeds the time to get new wheels.

As with all tire and wheel purchases, discounts and bargains can be found, but be sure you do your homework – find out from their websites or call to see if they will handle your wheels or spinners and compare prices, expected delivery time, and warranty and return policies.

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